Light and Interiority

Light and Interiority

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The "heart" contrasts with the brightness of the place. It brings a real interiority, underlined by its red and dense shade

WY-TO as Architects

Located in the Marrais, this crossing apartment has multiple street and garden light entrances. The project highlights the stretched geometry of the space by affirming two circulations along the facades. The opposite impression is then attenuated. In the dark, a space appears: The "heart". It brings a real interiority, underlined by its red and dense shade. It evokes the atmosphere of protective houses with thick walls. Here the partition is thin, but the thickness is suggested by the distance in front of the facades. This atypical plan transcribes the desire to increase the number of routes, thus evoking the long strolls that large houses have. The client's singular expectations are thus heightened.

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Honduras 5550
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Honduras 5550

Honduras 5550, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Build completed in 2014
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