Light shapes corporate culture

Light shapes corporate culture

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Horst Mohring

Light shapes corporate culture

SATTLER as Manufacturers

Extensive Lighting Design by SATTLER in the New Münzing Corporate Building – Luminaires Harmonize with the Architectural Concept

For the new corporate building of Münzing Chemie GmbH in Germany, SATTLER created a holistic lighting solution for the representative areas of the building in coordination with the Heilbronn-based architecture firm Müller. Ring-shaped luminaires are used as distinctive stylistic elements throughout the building, which harmonize perfectly with the architectural and interior design.

The new administration and lab building of the Münzing Chemie company in Abstatt was built by müller.architekten. Its semi-circular shape is nestled into a park and is unobstrusively situated at the edge of a residential area. A significant stylistic element in the spaciously designed and light-flooded building is the circular shape, which has been consistently integrated in the architecture and interior design as well as in the outdoor area. Close cooperation between the architecture firm Müller and SATTLER enabled the development of the lighting design for the representative areas.

The large-dimensioned ANELLO circular light can be seen through the glass front from outside and draws one’s attention immediately. The light sculpture made by SATTLER is six meters in diameter and illuminates the spaciously designed reception area and spans both floors. More sculptural luminaires from the Anello product range lend the foyer an exclusive ambiance.

Light as Part of an Open Corporate Culture

“Already upon entering the building, the stylish and bright reception area conveys the impression of an active and open corporate culture to which we wanted to significantly contribute with our luminaires”, explains Ulrich Sattler, owner and CEO of the company. SATTLER products were also used in the meeting area. The slim pendant luminaires from the Doppio product range, emanating direct and indirect light, help create a pleasant and calm atmosphere, which is conducive to concentration during a meeting. Other luminaires from the Slim product range were integrated in the cafeteria and complete the technically sophisticated and optically appealing lighting design.

All luminaires from the Doppio and Slim product range come in a tasteful white color. The large light sculpture in the foyer features a hand-polished surface, which lends the impressive luminaire, six meters in diameter, brilliancy and luminosity.

Holistic Approach: Acoustic Screens Support the Lighting Design

In order to reduce the sound level and to optimize the room acoustics of the entrance area, which has been fitted with a stone floor, more than 60 round acoustic screens made by SATTLER have been integrated in addition to the circular lights on the ground floor and the first floor. Suspended from thin steel cables and from different heights, the acoustic screens have been equipped with sound-absorbing acoustic membranes and are partly backlit, which results in improved acoustics with an additional indirect light component for a homogeneous illumination of the room. Furthermore, they enable an elegant concealment of technical components.

Nature in the Building

The Münzing Chemie logo from preserved moss designed by SATTLER serves as an eye-catcher above the reception desk and conveys the corporate identity of the company. The discreetly backlit object was produced from polished aluminium, fitted with moss material by art aqua and meticulously handcrafted. Its concept is a variant of the SATTLER light objects from the Luce Verde product range. The logo refers to a planted wall in the cafeteria designed by art aqua.

Well-balanced Lighting Design and Sophisticated Light Control System

In cooperation with the architect, SATTLER focused on a well-balanced lighting design with a perfect combination of natural and artificial light. The LED luminaires are integrated in an intelligent DALI control system and can be dimmed.

“The lighting can be either used to accentuate or to create a pleasant working atmosphere for meetings. In addition to that, it is conducive to various needs for relaxation and communication during breaks or events”, describes Ulrich Sattler the numerous options of a diligently planned lighting design.

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