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Liniya Apartment

Liniya Apartment

Veresnovsky Design Studio
Saint Petersburg, Russia | View Map
Project Year
Mikhail Loskutov
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
PlumbingHansgrohe SE
On the wall: a concise sconceateljé Lyktan
Vanity carpetEdel Carpets
Walls, floor and sink Travertine
LampsVisual Comfort

Product Spec Sheet
On the wall: a concise sconce
Vanity carpet
Walls, floor and sink

Liniya Apartment

Veresnovsky Design Studio as Architects

Pines, waves and sand-125m apartment with access to the Gulf of Finland beach.
Designer Tim  Veresnovsky  created a non-trivial resort atmosphere in the apartment on the first line of the Gulf of Finland.

This project has developed several successful factors — the historical heritage of Komarovo (Saint Petersburg,Russia)  with its famous resorts, the unique location of the object in a chamber residential complex on the coast of the Gulf of Finland Trusting relationships with the customer reached a new level-we looked at the object, agreed on the budget, agreed on the terms, and together with the keys, I got a full carte Blanche for design.

The apartment is located on the ground floor and is surrounded by a spacious terrace and century-old pine trees. First of all, I cut the window to the floor in the living room to combine the space with nature as much as possible. The wall opposite is lined with Moroccan clay tiles. When it was delivered, the builders sent me a photo of the tile with the question "which side to put", which put me in a dead end. It's also clear what questions there might be, of course - I answered something like that. But I thought about it and looking at the sample in my hands, I realized that I prefer the wrong side, it is more textured. So it turned out that all the tiles are on the wrong side and I was very happy with the result.

Of course, when decorating a country space, there is a risk to go into a boring "natural" interior, so I made a bet on wood as independent accents: wooden panels in one of the bedrooms, a wooden kitchen and objects made of different wood species. I used cork flooring in the lobby and natural travertine stone in the bathroom, perfect for apartments with access to the beach.

In the interior, I wanted to create a resort atmosphere, but relevant and original. I was simultaneously inspired by the Soviet resort past and the aesthetics of American motels in the 70s. So, in one of the bedrooms, I laid a leopard carpet, adding piquancy to the rather restrained interior, and in the other, a neon cross appeared above the bed, as a reference to Motel signs and the cult TV series "Young Pope".

The same idea of the 70s is supported by a dining area with a plush sofa, chairs, "office" blinds and a chess lampshade in the same style. In the living room, important markers of the Zeitgeist are a vintage rack-bar made of poplar root and brass, an Italian rosewood storage system, and, of course, a leather recliner by the window, which immediately hints that you need to enjoy the pine trees, breathe in the incredible air, listen to the sound of waves and slowly drink something of the same vintages as the objects around you.


Material Used :
Living room
1. The sofa, chest of drawers and coffee table are custom made.
2. Carpet kover.ru
3. Vintage chair Eugenio Gerli, covered with Casamance fabric. Correct Form Gallery.
4. Gianfranco Frattini Floor Lamp. Correct Form Gallery
5. Storage system from Vittorio Dassi. Correct Form Gallery
6. The rack-bar. The root of the poplar. Willy Rizzo. Italy 1970. Correct Form Gallery
7. On the wall: a concise sconce from the Atelier Lyktan. Correct Form Gallery
8. Lounge chair Skye. Correct Form Gallery

1. The kitchen, table, sofa and lamp are custom made.
2. Carpet kover.ru
3. Cesare Lacca serving table. Italy 1950. Correct Form Gallery

1. Safary leopard carpet
2. The bed and bedside tables are custom made.
3. Visual Comfort lamps, designer Aerin Layder

Bedroom 2
1. Edel Vanity carpet
2. The bed, bedside tables and cross are custom made.
3. Gianfranco Frattini Desk, Italy 1950. Correct Form Gallery
4. The Picture Eugenia Evinzon

The walls are covered with cork.

Bathroom unit
1. Walls, floor and sink — travertine
2. Mirrors are custom made
3. Hansgrohe Plumbing

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