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Erik Undehn

Lintex Showroom

Halleroed as Architects

Lintex is a client that we have worked with for 15 years now where we usually design products and stands for Furniture Fairs. This time, they wanted a multifunctional space were they could have a small office and also meetings with clients. They wanted the space to reflect the spirit of Lintex but also to be personal and inspirational. The space is on the corner of the ground floor of a beautiful multi-family house from the 30’s and is divided into three rooms, similar in size, with large original wooden windows.


The room height is almost 4 meter with lots of daylight and sun coming in. We wanted to emphasise the volume and light of the space. We made the division of the space as clean and distinct as possible with no disturbing elements. To accentuate the height of the rooms a floating, illuminated  LED ceiling was added in every room and also floor to ceiling, sheer linen curtains. The other aspect we wanted to accentuate was the length of the 3 divided rooms were the space is floating into each other with a continuous back wall made of tall, solid cedar wood panels that also give an elegante and warm feeling to the minimal space  The floor consists of a simple screed floor, steel-trowelled to a soft finish.


To this we added soft, hand-knotted carpets made of nettle, jute and natural dyed wool. There is also a small pentry room behind the wooden panel wall in a dark blue color adding som contrast and color to the wood. Entering, there is a lounge area with a Maralunga sofa by Magistretti in linen fabric, a deep blue, high gloss custom made sofa table by us and two armchairs by Paolo Deganello from 73’. The armchairs have a very special look and are ” a light, comfortable chair that can be taken apart, washed and reassembled. As one of the first deconstructions of the modern armchair, it soon came to stand as a “symbol of opulence and wellbeing”.


The chair was created in 1973, in keeping with Deganello’s desire to create something free from conventions with an unrestricted experimental use of new materials and possibilities”. The shelfs are made in the same cedar wood as the walls and the desks, tall tables in the showroom and the conference table are all custom made, designed by Halleroed, in solid walnut. For office chairs we used Prouvé’s Fauteuil Direction Pivotant in matching colors. The chairs in the meeting rooms are made by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, in 1958 and have a strong character that we liked.


The second room in the middle works as a showroom for their products and is curated more as an art gallery rather than a conventional showroom. There are several art and craft pieces in the office, such as the beautiful brown stoneware sculpture by Dorothée Loriquet, reflecting the mindset of the company were craft is an important aspect of the products, translated into a modern way of producing. Lintex is a Swedish, family-owned company doing writing boards in different type of materials and functions. We have been designing many of their products and the overall ambitious when working with them is to ”change people’s perception of what a writing board can be”. This ambitious is also reflected in this project were we wanted to challenge the perception of the typical office and showroom.


Material Used:

1. Solid Ceder wood panel

2. Light ceiling by BACKLIGHT SRL

3. Pantry by Tre Sekel

4. Tables in Walnutby Halleroed

5. Carpets by Knut Carpets

6. Curtains by Astrid textiles

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Product Spec Sheet

Light ceilingBacklight
Tables in WalnutHalleroed
PantryTre Sekel
Product Spec Sheet
Light ceiling
Tables in Walnut
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