Living by the Mittlere Ring

Living by the Mittlere Ring

Léon Wohlhage Wernik Architekten
Munich, Germany
Project Year
Individual Buildings

LÉON WOHLHAGE WERNIK, / Christian Richters

Living by the Mittlere Ring

Léon Wohlhage Wernik Architekten as Architects

Living by the Mittlere Ring, Munich.

The residential buildings directly adjoin with the heavily frequented Mittlere Ring. The initial requirement for the structure was increased noise protection for the neighbouring 1950s residential quarter. The challenge was to fulfil the noise protection requirements while also providing quiet, high-quality living space. The architecture achieves that and more by presenting a new, striking image in the traffic-burdened urban space. Both the design and the colour set it strongly apart from the surroundings. Car drivers emerging from the nearby tunnel and pedestrians approaching from the underground or the surrounding areas take notice of the building’s drive and its particular architectural design. The visible side of the façade is layered: Individual façade elements are placed beside each other to appear like a scaly gown.

There are five buildings of the same type, along which the façade continues, following the line of the curved street. The gables of the old buildings are revealed at regular intervals between the residential buildings. The view of the row of houses from the north strongly contrasts with the impression it creates from the south. The entire lengthy front can really only be appreciated while driving past it, since it cannot be perceived in a single view. A characteristic, unmistakeable sculpture is the overall result and has already picked up the nickname “the crocodile”.

The long row of houses forms the backbone for an entire quarter, both in terms of its function and its design. The green buildings close the gaps between a ribbon development that is positioned vertically towards Ringstrasse. At the heads of the ribbon development, the apartments at the ring road are accessed laterally from small covered entrance courtyards. They already provide quiet, withdrawn areas that are connected to a beautiful green inner courtyard towards the rear.

The apartments are oriented towards the west, towards the inner courtyard and away from the street. While organising the floor plan, great attention was paid to creating a roomy living atmosphere despite the limited specifications. The rooms are openly connected to each other and all apartments have a loggia or balcony: the so-called “green room”.

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