Drexler Guinand Jauslin
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Project Year
Filip Zelenka


Drexler Guinand Jauslin as Architects

The Fra Port AG in Frankfurt am Main is planning on constructing an observation platform when building the new terminal 3. The tower is suppose to give an overview on one of the largest construction sites in Germany. From the two existing platforms one is able to watch the new terminal 3, as well as the upcoming airtraffic. Besides its function as an observation plattform the l’obelisque includes an information center which can used for events, exhibitions and conference purposes.

l’obelisque discribes a dynamic form which constantly reinvents itself when one is moving around the buliding. At the same time its appearance is distinct and striking. The lines running aroung the facade and the construction further underline this impression. Furthermore the building is constructed to minimize its impact on the enviroment and therefore emphasizes Frau Ports environment protection concerns.

l’obelisque is a timber construction. The natural surface of the timber construction left visible on the inside of the building also contributes to the sustainable approache the building is suppose to embody.

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