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San Telmo, Argentina
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PAYANA arquitectura as Architects

Juana is moving from a little town to Buenos Aires to take film studies.... Despite being in a big city, she wants to feel as if she were at home.... She is looking for a war m and friendly place, where she can identify herself… She needs space to store clothes, books, notes, pictures, dishes, food, cameras, everything in an organized disorder, accessible and adaptable to different situations ... Juana likes to invite her friends to have some “mate”... She would love to have a cinema at home… She wants some peace after a hard day of work… If you ask an inhabitant of Buenos Aires what is an “almacen” nowadays, he would say: "it’s a store where you can buy some cold cuts, bread and wine."

But a resident of Buenos Aires of a century ago would have given another answer. At that time, as it happens these days, you could buy food, but also textiles, food for the chickens, firewood or kerosene for the stove, clothes and seeds for the garden.

But the most important difference was that at the “almacen”, you could stop to have a drink. Imagine having a glass of grappa or gin, seated on a wooden table. We propose to reformulate the concept of the “almacen”, a traditional warehouse, by designing a piece of furniture which will be flexible and versatile enough to give solution to all the activities such as working, meeting, studying, cooking, relaxing, living, dining, sleeping, in a single space . This piece of furniture is divided into modules that define the areas and the activities. “The key is not to design it all, but to leave room even for mistakes. A market is fun if it is spontaneous!”

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