London Canonbury – ROBmade facade

London Canonbury – ROBmade facade

Bernhard von Erlach Architekt

London, UK
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Private Houses
Paul Tyagi

London Canonbury – ROBmade facade

KELLER SYSTEME AG as Kelesto Clinker Volcano – Brick

Combining the brick heritage of London City with an innovative brick façade built by robots, that is what this façade is about.


The designers of this house extension, Evonort and Bernhard von ErlachArchitekt ETH SIA, wanted to use the freedom given by computational design linked with robotic fabrication to achieve a bespoke façade. The rotations and shifts of the bricks create this curtain effect. Designed with Brick Design, a free plugin for Rhino, the bricks play with the light and almost unreal shadows appear at the surface of the building.


The KelestoClinker Volcano brick produced in Switzerland (Keller AG Ziegeleien) works very well with the existing brick façade. The panels were robotically produced in Switzerland and then assembled on site within a few days. The accuracy of the robot allows the patterns to be perfectly produced and the use of glue guarantees a stiff panel.


The 100% digital process guarantees that the final product will look like the 3D model, as the data from the 3D model are transferred to the robots. ROBmade gives freedom to designers to imagine new types of façade made out of clinker, or timber or cork.


Material Used :

1. Kelesto Clinker Volcano – Brick from Keller Systeme AG
2. ROBmade Façade – Prefabricated panels from Keller Systeme AG

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Kelesto Clinker Volcano – Brick
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Kelesto Clinker Volcano – BrickKELLER SYSTEME AGROBmade
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Kelesto Clinker Volcano – Brick
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