La Nouvelle Agence
Beirut, Lebanon
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La Nouvelle Agence as Architects

The project for the MAC (house of arts and culture) consists in giving simultaneously a work tool and some visibility to artists. It's a new location at the crossing point between art, artists, art workers and spectators. The building needs to be emblematic and familiar at the same time, protective and open, visible and present but humble, an architecture for sharing.

The motives, the repetition, the gardens, the use of facades and roofs are architectural archetypes chosen as tools for the creation of a unique building, strangely familiar in a still intimidating environment.

The structure is imposing and ambitious, she gives a strong identity to the building. A the same time, the repetition of the structure, the decomposition of the mass and the use of different levels of transparency gives the MAC and obvious sense of openness.

The apparent structure gives keys on the building's construction, like an invitation to continue. It presents itself like a work in progress, a place for invention and creation.

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