Maison de quartier avec extension scolaire

Maison de quartier avec extension scolaire

Cristobal and Delgado Architectes
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Maison de quartier avec extension scolaire

Cristobal and Delgado Architectes as Architects

The Neighborhood House is a place of community life. The town of Montreux wanted to offer a multifunctional, multicultural and intergenerational space to the population of Clarens, the most populated area of the town.

The upper levels are an extension of the Vinet College. It defines a new outdoor wooded area. It is a meeting and exchange place as it establishes connections with the three adjacent streets.

The Intermediate levels house the "Open Sector ". It offers flexible and versatile spaces for holding events or activities (courses, workshops, meetings, conferences, screenings ...).

The lower levels house the "Youth sector" which includes a canteen, a recreation center, an administrative area and a generous foyer collecting the accesses from the street of Jaman and the Alexandre Vinet Avenue.

The community center is also ecological since it meets the "Minergie Eco" standard which favors the environment (energy efficiency and building ecology) and the improvement of the quality of life (health and comfort).The building is powered by a pellet boiler and a photovoltaic roof.

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