Málaga Metro furnished with attractive street furniture

Málaga Metro furnished with attractive street furniture

Málaga, Spain


Subway Stations

mmcité street furniture in Málaga Metro

mmcité1 as Designers

The unique products of mmcité serves as an onslaught to the passengers of this modern underground, which is located under the famous Spanish sunny Malaga. During the project‘s implementation the underground was given a complete make over. Under the direction of the successful TYPSA consultants mmcité equipped Malaga‘s underground with elegant and durable benches and trash cans Radium, which were specifically created for this project equipped with space for a fire extinguisher. This safety features futher highlights the multipurpose nature of the furniture. The minimalist designed, but very attractive, bike racks Velo and columns Donat, evoke a modern characteristic to the station. Everything is designed with an emphasis on practicality and maximising comfort to the thousands of passengers that flow through daily. An unforgettable design that emphasize everything.

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