Maraú Beach Club

Jose Luis Pulido Interiorismo as Interior Architects

We present the decoration project of the restaurant / club made for Maraú Beach Club, located in the town of Vera, Almería. An ideal place, with 7000 m2 of leisure where you find different environments: a restaurant area, bar area, outdoor swimming pools, children's area and a beautiful space to celebrate weddings on the beach.

On the success and impact of Maraú Beach Club in the media you can read in our press section.

The commercial objective is to operate in Vera, Almeria, what already works on the Costa del Sol. This can make the area near Mojácar evolve towards quality tourism. What better way to do it than betting on a business that is consistent with your vision of the beach of Almeria.


The offer that a brand presents has a lot to do with the personality of that brand. What defines the personality is what makes that brand something independent of the others. Something authentic. Search symbols, colors, smells and ideas to associate the brand not only build a romantic image of it but also make this brand is unique and the experiences that the customer has in our business improve. Let your opinion about our brand improve, be stored in your memory and you can tell it.

The coherence between the elements that make up the brand is also very important. Everything must follow the same line. In this case, the ideas follow the same line as the decoration.


The brand wants to transfer the client to places with a specific culture. A culture with a special dedication for patience, admiration for natural elements and spiritualism. It is, of course, the oriental culture, in this case Southeast Asia.

80% of the furniture used in this project has been imported from Bali, Indonesia. There are no coincidences, Indonesia is the ideal country to represent Maraú for two reasons:

Its connection with Eastern spiritualism inherited from India and from Chinese complementarity.

Indonesia, and especially Bali is a country that, without losing its traditions, lives from the tourism that its beaches and tropical landscapes give it.

Maraú Beach Club

Kriskadecor as Manufacturers

Located in Vera, Almería, Maraú Beach Club leisure complex, of more than 7,000 m² and designed by Jose Luis Pulido Interiorismo, combines beach, sun and swimming pools with a wide range of cuisine and drinks.

Throughout the complex, which transports you to the very same Indonesia, the degree of customization extends to the design of furniture, lamps and other details such as our metal curtain of 1.80 x 2.50 m.

The project reproduces the image of a traditional Balinese bride in high definition thanks to the Snina links, perfect for more elaborate and defined finishes, in bright and satin colours.


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