Master Villa

Master Villa

ORKO Architecture & Design (OR KOCHAV) as Architects

Renovation of a family villa in KfarShmaryahu, Tel Aviv's suburbs. Built in the 60's, we chose to keep the core structure and feel of the house and remodel it for a couple with three daughters. We accompanied the clients throughout the entire process, from the planning stage and the permits, through to the design of details and the selection of materials, furniture and art. To preserve and emphasize the original character of the house, we kept the staircase layout - which serves as an entrance lobby and as a traffic artery between the levels in the house.

We opened up the villa towards the green surroundings by adding a number of windows, delicately framed by fine steel frames, allowing light, air and green to enter the house from the outside. In addition, we replaced the old/damaged roof with a new one and left the wooden beams exposed for higher ceilings and charm. Thus, we created high spaces that contribute to a pleasant and inviting feeling at home. The floor plan was redesigned so that each bedroom receives a private bathroom, thus creating mini suites for each of the family members. Since the family likes to host, on the lower level we designed a functional kitchen with clean lines for maximum comfort. By designing a large and inviting dining area, we created an open space with natural flow which allows for movement between the kitchen and the living room.

Material Used:

1. Oke- Parquet floor

2. Blacksteel - Windows

3. Oke - Main door

4. Laminated - Kitchen Finish

5.Granitporcelan - Toilets and balcony floors

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