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Medical school of Lausanne

Medical school of Lausanne

Galletti & Matter architectes
Rue Docteur César-Roux 19, Lausanne, Switzerland | View Map
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Lionel Henriod

Medical school of Lausanne

Galletti & Matter architectes as Architects

The project is located at the foot of a mollasse cliff under the courtyard of the old policlinic. The geometry of the two 250-seater audiences is imposed in plan by the space available between the cliff and the building and in section by the relations required with the existing building.

In this mineral place, audiences must be mineral; like a cave, a cave. Concrete waves, walls leaning as supporting the weight of the earth but also sound waves, smooth concrete, sandblasted; concrete making trapeze then hammered from left to right, from right to left; raw, sanded, clean, clean, painted, large organs, slabs of tinned cans

Permanent collaboration between client, architect, civil engineer and acoustician made this bet possible. Concrete geometry and textures are defined by spatial as well as structural or acoustic requirements to form a synthesis in the service of the speaker's voice.

As architecture is an applied art based on the realization of constructions in the service of a cause or a need, architectural acoustics is an art applied to the service of the right sound which can only be revealed on a range of silence .

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