Meet Max

Meet Max

Koen Deuss

Meet Max

Koen Deuss as Architects

An old man is sitting on a bench in the park. he stares at the sky, is happy. the lines in his face accentuate his age. he loves talking to people.

Meet Max.

Max has an eye for beauty and design. He loves planet earth and it’s raw materials. As a former bauxite miner, he can tell you everything about the production process of aluminum. He’s so crazy about this material that one day, he bought a pair of black aluminum glasses, and painted his eyebrows silver... ...Max loves travelling around the world. The image of this facade should be published on the world wide web. His story about your product should become famous!

The face of this old man shows us a striking and a story telling face with a tumultuous history. The extreme details in the image strengten the characters of Aludesign Some hidden details telling a story about Euramax will only be found while watching the image for a longer time... “Max’s left eye” is a colorfull 2 by 2 meter image of the earth, connected with a dotted line to the websites name. The silver color of the eyebrows show a intense detail of hairs, colored in aluminium. The materials of the glasses are made of black aluminium. (read: ‘glasses’).

Our idea is to use the face of this man, “Max”, as the companys figurehead to release your new product. In this way the facade will form the start for the release of Aludesign, representing the unique story of your new product. glasses An (optional) consideration is to ‘build’ the aluminium glasses as a real 3D object, an architectural installation leaning against the facade an standing on the sidewalk. In this way the facade and the image become almost 4 dimensional. People will stop their cars to share their moment with “Max”.

designers Koen Deuss . graphic designer Koen Savelkoul . architect

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The Hovering Gardens
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Pune, Maharashtra, India - Build completed in 2020
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