Mehraz office-commercial building

Mehraz office-commercial building

Boozhgan Studio
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Boozhgan Studio as Architects

MEHRAZ tehran- (2012-2015)

One of the main desires of the project was designing two office units in each floor. To respond to this and also using the benefits of much more views and lights, we decided to design the project in two separated blocks and connect them with a bridge and central vertical access which shaped a central patio. In the design process we cover the transparent mass with a hard skin, which we saw a lot in our ancient architecture. At a glance to our traditional architecture we usually see a uniform and monotone thatch skin outside the building against the colorful spaces inside, which is full of openings and windows. In the following we added a lightweight structural to the vertical entrance axe for the flower boxes to increase the green spaces and freshness of the city.We use the same structure and green spaces in the patio in front of the elevator spaces in each floor. During the Design Development, we added a perforated second skin to the transparent facade which provides shading and a thermal buffer for the comfort of those working inside and also keep the great view of the city from the inside. In this way simultaneously we respond to the municipal rules and climate issues and also create pleasant double facade.

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