Memorial of airplane disaster

Memorial of airplane disaster

Atrium Architekti
Hejce, Hungary
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Memorial of airplane disaster

Atrium Architekti as Architects

Memorial of airplane disaster in Hungarian village Hejce

"42 meters of silence“. The memorial evokes a journey which starts on the ground and which at the site of the tragedy becomes a journey into a higher dimension. It is horizontal, 42 meters long, 0.6 meters wide and points north towards the destination of the flight, towards home…It leaves a scar in the landscape – a slight adjustment of the terrain, keeping the original trees and the original setting. The names of Slovak soldiers in plastic letters on a non-corrosive reflective surface create the Morse code signal for SOS and are visible from bird's eye view. When looked at from above the names of the soldiers appear to float in the reflection of the heavens above. The continuation of the interrupted „journey“ is expressed as a journey into a new dimension – above the skies and flying doves. The work of art is placed underground in high relief in non-corrosive steel. Dedications in three languages and the symbols of the Slovak Republic and KFOR are abraded onto a walk-on glass surface.

The walls of the hollow space beneath the glass plate are smooth concrete planes and the floor is covered in concrete rubble. At night the memorial is illuminated by blue light. Flag holders are non-corrosive oblong cantilevers reminiscent of the wings of the plane. They are inclined and illuminated from below. Flower and wreath holders can be placed in the incision line and can be created in oblong stainless profile placed aslope opposite the ceremonial area. This one is defined from the edge of the road up to incision line and is created by thick lawn. In 42 meters of silence the aim of the authors is to express the feeling of tranquility, humility and catharsis. The tragedy, absurdity but also generosity and the celebration of human need to enhance mutual understanding. It reflects some kind of universality-self-reflection of presence and future.

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