Professor Alfredo Brillembourg & Professor Hubert Klumpner Workshop Leaders: Danny Wills, Gianmaria Socci Team: Nora Behová, Jiaxin Wu, Németh Krisztina, Sung Lim, Iara Pezzuti dos Santos, Dormán Miklós, Cina Mael Bockstahler, Mariia Yastrubchak, Agnieszka Chromiec, Zétényi Zsófia

For the first phase of Project Village 2015, Urban Think-Tank built the Migrant House, a structure that provided the initial point of orientation for a community of travelers. Their proposal for Project Village 2016 seeks to transform the idea of the Migrant House into an idea of Migrant Hous(ing). The current work at Urban-Think Tank focuses on practical strategies of housing while remaining embedded within community-driven processes. The Migrant Hous(ing) builds on their ideas of modular construction, community capacity building, rapid and incremental upgrading and quick, pre-fabricated assembly and disassembly methods. The structures themselves will be migrant in nature. Their ability to be transported and rapidly installed, transformed and dismantled is key and a major performative aspect of the project.

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Private Houses
Gold Coast QLD, Australia - Build completed in 2020
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