Miguel Bombarda Residential Building

Miguel Bombarda Residential Building

Paula Santos - Arquitectura
Porto, Portugal
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Alberto Plácido

Miguel Bombarda Residential Building

Much more than a window as Manufacturers

Designed by architect Paula Santos,this multifamily residential building,built from scratch, interprets rationally the typology of the Oporto traditional house, with central staircase and skylight, transforming the single housing unit in four housing units (a duplex and three 2 bedroom apartments). As for the elevations, they turn away from tradition, looking for an independent language, admittedly generic, and derived from a rigorous geometry which required the prefabrication of large dark gray pigmented concrete panels. As in all buildings designed by Paula Santos, the apparent formal simplicity results from a demanding exercise as to the level of detail. Minimalism, as an imported concept from the arts present is in this art galleries street, and in this building, its architectural image.

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ManufacturersMuch more than a window
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