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Design International
Milan, Italy
Shopping Centres
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Milansesto - The City of Ideas

Design International as Architects

Milanosesto is strategically located to the north east of the city of Milan in Sesto San Giovanni, making it ideally located and well connected with not only Milan itself, but other European capitals.

Sesto San Giovanni was originally an industrial area, full of factories and steel mills. Design International wanted to maintain the original structure of the existing steel factory, allowing the old to combine with the new, and maintaining the area’s history.

The retail element of Milanosesto is split into three parts: the Sesto Square; the Sesto Park; and the Sesto Mall. The Sesto Square, the Sesto Park and the Sesto Mall are the main pillars of the retail aspect of the scheme. With other aspects such as a luxury hotel, offices and residential spilling into the area, the retail forms a perfect triangle, making way for the abundance of greenery to spill into the space.

The retail scheme makes use of the existing structures and also expands on it, adding new layers to the existing structures. There will be a main street linking the residential part of the scheme with the retail part, as well as a mono rail which will take people from Sesto San Giovanni tube station directly to the Sesto Mall.

One of the unique aspects of this design in the car parking space. Not only is there outside car parking and also under the Sesto Mall, but there is also car parking on the top level overlooking the two floor of retail underneath. From parking the car on the top level, guests will be able to view the shopping centre from a balcony and enjoy the natural light from above and around.

The retail element of Milanosesto is unique by not only maintaining the original structure of the old steelworks, but also maximises on the beautiful surroundings of the nearby park. From all three retail areas, users will feel the connection with nature as it floods through the design.

Not only does the design allow for excellent views of the park due to the extensive use of glass and natural light from the Sesto Mall, but also the greenery is brought in to the retail area, with trees and greenery in abundance. The overall masterplan for Milanosesto features 10,000 trees of 50 different species, covering more than 700,000 sqm of green area. The retail element will draw this in, with greenery on every level, as well as breath-taking views.

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