Millennials Tube

Millennials Tube

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Millennials Tube

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For this building the use of architectural material is determined by the characteristic of the user group; Millennial generation specifically Yolo group.  The Yolois a call to live life to its fullest extent.   Therefore, material to use for the project have to reflect the theme. 


The choice to use one material over the others is a public exhibition of the architecture that architect want to carry out.  The idea of material is settled down to use a PVC tube, but in a different way.  As the trend of the coming year (2019), Purplish had been consider for the color of choice.   A range of purple is an outcome of a combination between inner and outer layer plus lighting effect. 


We wrap the pavilion with curtain wall of 5 kilometers PVC tubes.  Installation is fix at the top but let the bottom-end loose for sway effect by wind or people interaction.    The main entrance has been shaped by cutting out a parabolic form.  The curl at the free-end seem to be an issue at the beginning, but at the end everyone agree that they add as a special characteristic to the project.


Material Used:

1. Precast Concrete

2. Glass, 9.52mm Laminated Glass (4mm Clear H/S + 1.52mm PVB +4mm Clear H/S)

3. 12 mm Diameter Transparent Silicone Rubber Tube: 20,800 meters

4. 6 mm Diameter Soft Silicone Rubber Tube (Red): 11,000 meters

5. 6 mm Diameter Soft Silicone Rubber Tube (Blue): 8,300 meters

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