Modern house with Portapivot 6530 pivot doors

Modern house with Portapivot 6530 pivot doors

Waasmunster, Belgium - Build completed in 2016
Koen Dries

Modern architecture with Portapivot 6530 pivot doors

PORTAPIVOT as Manufacturers

This modern house was created by the "wood architects" from architecture firm Arché-Ligno. Architect trio Werner Roelants, Piet Kerckhof and Stefaan Tiberghin invest heavily in durable construction methods and designed this house by the CLT method.

The entire structure of the house is pré-fabricated, which made the entire outer and inner shell of the house was installed in just 5 days. The house is designed with natural light optimization in mind and therefor features a lot of windows, many from floor to ceiling, all the way through.

With "light" and transparency in mind Portapivot installed two of its pivoting 6530 Room Dividers between the entrance and the large living area. Portapivot 6530 is made from lightweight anodized aluminium in combination with 6 mm transparent tempered safety glass and a vertical profile as a seamless door handle. The entire "Stealth Pivot" pivoting hinge is integrated inside the frame and doesn't require any built-in parts to either floor or ceiling, nor does it need a frame inside the walls, floor or ceiling as many conventional systems do. The hinge is attached to the floor and solid ceiling with two 4.5 cm Hilti plugs and screws.

All the other glass and plain interior doors are designed and installed by Belgian brand ANYWAYdoors. All these doors are installed with invisible door frames. The anodized aluminium door frame is installed in the naked construction and then carefully finished with plasterboard. There's no visible frame, but their is however a perfect seal, made possible by the patented closing technology that joins a female and male part to a silent and lock-less closing system. The doors can swing in both ways but still retain a silent and perfect fitting seal when closed. The change of a seal locks the door in a 1-way opening setup.

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