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Modernization in the Town Hall of Jelenia Góra

Modernization in the Town Hall of Jelenia Góra

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Tomasz Mielech

Modernization of the Councilors' Hall and the Wedding Hall in the Town Hall of Jelenia Góra 

TOYA DESIGN as Interior Architects

TOYA DESIGN has designed and performed works related to the modernization of the Councilors' Hall and the Wedding Hall in the Town Hall of Jelenia Góra.  
In Februar 2020, the renovation of the Town Hall in Jelenia Góra was completed. TOYA DESIGN was entrusted with the design of the interiors of the two most representative rooms - the Councilors' Hall and the Wedding Hall. The historic tissue required the designers to have conservation rights.  
The task entrusted to us was to develop a project to recreate the historic interior of the Councilors' Hall based on the old traces found during the renovation. All design and construction works were carried out under the supervision of the Monuments Conservator in Jelenia Góra. 
We have created a new face of the Councilors' Hall and the Wedding Hall. 
We have managed to restore the historical character of these rooms and at the same time create modern functional interiors.  In the Councilors' Hall, we designed stucco, paneling and a new floor. Thanks to the stucco work, the Councilors' Hall gained elegance and a dignified character, and the white walls and paneling made the interior bright and friendly. The dark floor of oak wood emphasizes the prestige of this place. The entrance to the Hall is filled with wooden carved bas-reliefs, collected in the Town Hall for years, describing the history of Jelenia Góra and its vicinity.  
In the Wedding Hall, instead of heavy paneling, we designed a white, "flowing" wall and a new, modern parquet pattern, which gives this room a solemn and elegant character. 
 We decided that the photographic documentation of this project had to be unique, therefore we invited a well-known photographer from Jelenia Góra, Tomasz Mielech, to collaborate. Using the traditional silver technique, he took black and white photographs of the Councillors' Hall with a large format CAMBO camera.


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