Modular Housing

Modular Housing

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Modular Housing

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The concept for this project comes from the desire to build a modular system, with a simple structure and fast construction, which could be easily identified in some way, with the Azorean territory.

The repetitive character, assumes also the possibility of other uses in addition to housing, such as open Studios for artists, Home Offices, or even simple outdoor leisure areas for picnics, also very common among the islands.

The option for the volume itself, refers to one of the most characteristic elements of the architecture in this region, very present in old houses, either from the XIX century or beginning of XX. This element is the chimney. Their presence is evident and a reference in the landscape.

The dark character for the cladding materials, such as natural Cork, brings an ecological and dramatic atmosphere to the building, in reference to the volcanic lands, the basalt stone works very present in this region`s architecture, and also the dark and rocky cliffs across the coast.

In the center of the square plan, was designed a closed box, which allows a continuous circulation around it and a more direct and constant view over the outside nature. This box accommodates a kitchen, storage room, bunk bed or sofa, and makes possible a sleeping area on the top of the box, for a more private bed, with a strong relation with the sky, which is constantly changing.

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