Moooi - Showroom and Brandstore

Moooi - Showroom and Brandstore

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Interior design brand Moooi, known for its daring playful and exquisite design collection announces a new showroom and brand store launch in the heart of London.

Moooi’s collection conveys an air of Rebellious Harmony to the UK

London, June 2016: Interior design brand Moooi, known for its daring playful and exquisite design collection announces a new showroom and brand store launch in the heart of London.

It is situated just north of Soho, in London’s rediscovered neighbourhood Fitzrovia, historically favoured by the likes of Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Roger Fry, Virginia Woolf, Charles Laughton and other legendary, eccentric and forward thinking figures. In recent years, the area’s central position and picturesque charm have made it an attractive location for young artists, stylish brands and growing businesses with avant-garde ideas.

Moooi’s collection makes itself at home at 23 Great Titchfield Street, in the proximity of world-class restaurants, hotels and galleries. Award-winning Japanese restaurant Roka and the sought-after Berners Tavern at the London Edition hotel are just a few streets away, offering excellent dining experiences. For the art lovers, numerous galleries like The Photographers Gallery and Scream pepper the streets around the brand store, which also harbour exclusive hotels such as Charlotte Street Hotel and The Langham.

The showroom and brand store occupies the ground floor space of the Moray House building. The characteristic interior will represent a celebration of Moooi’s signature designs and lifestyle ideas in the context of the brand’s evolution. To complement the featured collection, a selection of carpets will bring colour and depth to the interior, adding another layer of beauty. “A complete Moooi world in the heart of London”, comments Moooi CEO Robin Bevers. “This Moooi showroom and brand store represents a very important step in the international growth and evolution of the brand”.

The store will radiate an air of creative luxury with an eccentric touch, provocative and poetic at the same time, described by Moooi as a Rebellious Harmony. Inventive and pragmatic, playful and elegant, it perfectly reflects the brand’s philosophy that people are intrinsically drawn to beauty and are on the lookout for original ideas.

The lighting collection on display will include a special edition of the graceful Lolita lamp (2008), developed especially for the London opening in a new shade of London Rosé. More recent designs such as Container Bodhi (2014), the futuristic Statistocrat lamps (2015) and Moooi’s newest dancing star Coppélia (2014) will also be showcased. To accessorize the space, several discernible Moooi designs will make their appearance, including Egg Vase (1997), the classic Delft Blue collection (2007), Bart Sofa (2012), Love Sofa (2013) and the Heracleum small Big O (2014).

A stunning selection of brand-new signature carpets enriches the interior of the Moooi store with a constellation of hypnotic worlds set in different seasons. The Malmaison Guimauve (2016), brings the fragrant beauty of a blooming rose garden indoors, in a modern evocation of liberty and colour. Frozen crystals are the choice for the jacquard woven rug Crystal Rose (2016). Fool’s Paradise (2016), with its pattern of frosted flowers on a blue background and with decaying flowers, portrays a trip to the darker side of its alter ego, the Eden Queen (2015).

Moooi envisions the brand store to become a focal point for architects, designers and design lovers to gather ideas during their daily quest for beauty. Clients and passers-by will be compelled to enter the new store, discuss their interior aspirations, savour the Moooi experience and purchase their favourite designs.

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