Mori Tsukimitsu (森築光)

Mori Tsukimitsu (森築光)

Ganna Design
Taipei, Taiwan
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Mori Tsukimitsu (森築光)

Ganna Design as Architects

1.【Background of the Residents】

The house owner of this project is a couple who is going to retired. They have a son and a daughter; both of them study at university in other counties. The host owns a company and the hostess is a house wife.


They have lived in Da-An district, the commercial center in Taipei city. The size of the old house is a big as the current one, but that apartment gets poor natural sunlight. 

There is only the couple in the house in most of the time, but the husband likes to treat his friends and taste wines with friends at weekend. Therefore, a large dining desk is required by the couple.


2.【Original House Situation】 

It is a roughcast house. The original compartment is traditional, especially the room size. However, the original compartment compresses the size of common area such as living room and dining room. In addition, after the site survey, the designers find that the external conditions of the case are excellent, and the beautiful surrounding scenery should be included in the design.


3.【Clients' Attitude toward Life】

The number of rooms is required by the owners. The house owners have browsed Ganna’s previous projects and really like the way we present. They hope their house looks clear and simple, but not boring. In addition to the room numbers and the style, they have no other specific request.

By the way, the couple doesn’t mention about their wine and plant collections at first. The designers discover the demand for storage and display after several meetings.

4.【Design Concept of this project】

Traditional family in Taiwan tends to leave rooms for children who stay outside. But those rooms are usually idle at most of time. In this case, designers hope to make this retired couple enjoy home as spacious as possible in Taipei City where every inch of land worth a gold.

In addition, the designers find that the external conditions of the case are excellent, they think window views including lake, mountains and the broad blue sky should be considered before they get start. Therefore, the design concept starts from common areas. Designers cut the TV wall to a bevel so that people in this area can enjoy the view and the sunshine as much as possible. Wide French windows are adopted to present the mountain views and lake scene individually. The other side of window view is Taipei 101, once the highest building in the world.

Finally, since the husband likes to treat his friends and taste wines with friends at weekend. In the usual days, they also spend most of their time in living room. Hence, the designers prepare a large common area in which equipped with a large sofa and a 4-meter long kitchen island dining desk.

5.【Concept of Interior Spatial Arrangement】

As the above mentioned, the designers change the original living room location in order to let people who stays home enjoy the beautiful window view all the time.

Then, the rooms for children are put in the corners. The green sofa bed in the room is customized in order to blur the general concept of a bedroom. By doing so, these bedrooms can be seen as an extension from the living room while the door opened, at the time of children not at home. Besides, the perfect natural lighting condition can be made the best use and people in the house can appreciate the sunshine no matter at dawn or at dusk.

 Finally, since the kitchen is now closer to the living room, people who prepare for meals can have more connections with people staying in the living room.


6.【Arrangement of Traffic Line and Space

The independent entrance area provides a sweet corner to change the mind.

Go to the inner house, common areas are enlarged and the compartments are reduced. The main purpose is to make the homeowners feel as if they have more space, even the size of new house is the same as the old one. The traffic line is planned a circle centered on sofa. There’s no special traffic line issue in this project. 


7.【Natural Lighting and Overall Lighting Design】

The natural lighting source is quite abundant. As long as the compartments are properly distributed, two sides of large window each enables sunshine pass through the whole indoor area.

Regarding the soft decoration, the house owners have their own ideas about lighting and furniture. They give us a direction and listen to our suggestion. For example, while choosing the style of ceiling fan in living room, they tell us they prefer the style to be between futuristic and traditional. For designers, this kind of discussion mode is often pleasing.


8.【Color Configuration Design and Adoption of Soft Decorative Assembly】

The house owners have mentioned that they hope their sofa green plus their succulent plants collection, the designers use green as the background color. Even the marble TV wall is green color base. Except for the collections, the external surroundings of the house are mountains and lake. Therefore, green somewhat connects the exterior and the interior and that’s why it’s chosen.

9. 【Adoptions to Reduce the Expense】

The budget of this house is generally accord with the final expense. However, there is one place made a little change in order to reduce the expense: the wooden flooring in the living area. The marble flooring in the TV wall area was planned to extend to the main bedroom. Therefore we made an oblique line to separate these two areas.

Material Used:

Main material: Veneer, spray paint, glass, iron pieces, marble, solid flooring, imported tiles 

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