Morumbi House

Morumbi House

APBA – Arquiteto Paulo Bastos e Associados
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Morumbi House

APBA – Arquiteto Paulo Bastos e Associados as Architects

This project, conceived by Architect Paulo Bastos in 1968, is another example of the architect’s experience with single-family residential projects where the architectural proposal of the "house on 4 pillars" is explored.


Almost contemporary to the project of the residence created for his own family (published by Archello in April/2019), this project consists of a slightly larger dwelling, with an area of 400.00 m². Yet, it follows the same principle of structural solution and internal spatial organization in which the influence of his former teacher, Architect João Batista Vilanova Artigas, is present.


In this case, parallel beams of reinforced concrete are located on the side limits of the built volume, corresponding to the sloping roof of the residence and its highest floor. There is a distance of 10.65 m from one beam to the other and they are supported by two concrete pillars on each side, providing support for the entire building. Between such side beams, ribbed concrete slabs overcome the respective transverse spans without any intermediate supports, providing total freedom for the arrangement of environments and absolute fluidity to the internal space.


Based on this structural proposal and the strong slope of the terrain – which rises about 4.50 m from front to back – the architect arranged the floors in a staggered way, trying not only to minimize the perception of such a gap, but to appropriate it, organizing the project at half-levels from the intermediate floor. Below this floor, in a slightly higher plane than the street, there is the garage, together with a small storage area, a toilet and a spiral service ladder.


The aforementioned intermediate floor, positioned in front of the property, houses the kitchen, laundry and other service facilities, including two dormitories for employees, in addition to the dining room and the half-bathroom, both located towards the back of the property. In direct contact with the dining room, but half-floor above (1.45 m), are the living areas. A fireplace is situated in the innermost area of the living space. Such areas of permanence, located at the back of the property, are surrounded by gardens.


For privacy reasons, the author of the project chose to leave them more open to the northwest side of the land, where there is a larger garden and the interior of the house is less exposed to the neighborhood. A half-floor above the living level are the three bedrooms of the residence, all suites (with private bathrooms), arranged towards the front of the property on the intermediate floor. With such positioning, the dormitories enjoy excellent sunlight exposure (northeast) and, although they open to the street, they are less exposed than if they were facing the back of the property.


As noted above, the house has as cover a sloping ribbed slab, continuous and waterproofed. The ribs are apparent in the social areas and covered in the intimate and service areas, in a solution known as a "wasted formwork"[1]. This inclination provides the internal space with greater vibration and dynamism, making each sector of the residence unique.


With the sharp use of visible concrete as its strongest aesthetic attribute, such housing, for this and other aspects addressed, fits perfectly in the characteristic language of Paulista Modern Architecture, a regional and personalized aspect ofModern Brazilian Architecture.


Preserved in good condition, it represents one of the most significant residential projects of architect Paulo Bastos (deceased February 2012), whose architectural work is referential. The remaining partners, Architects Nelson Xavier (FAU-USP, 1984) and Luciane Shoyama (FAAC-UNESP, 1995) currently run the studio. Theyhave preserved the name of the former holder in honor of his memory.

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