Müllerpier Rotterdam
Hannah Anthonysz

Redevelopment of former harbour pier for living and working

KCAP as Urban Planners

Rotterdam's 'Müllerpier' is a former harbour pier surrounded by water on three sides and situated on the edge of the city centre. Within the urban plan for its redevelopment for housing, commercial, community and care facilities the buildings are considered as autonomous objects and, by dint of careful positioning, are turned into an urban ensemble. Seen from a distance the Müllerpier resembles a port on a peninsula, while from close by the impression is of an urban labyrinth of intimate spaces in contrast to the wide expanse of water. The highly differentiated buildings behave both like freestanding objects and like traditional blocks in the old city. They are set in an uninterrupted surface of clinker paving that is also inlaid with public gardens, playgrounds and sports fields. A quayside roadway is the most important means of access.

The plan defines four categories of building: the large, mixed-use urban block, the small block with ground-accessed dwellings, the medium-size cube and the high-rise tower on a low-rise base. Due to the depth of the buildings there are many semi-public gardens and courtyards which serve to complement the public space. As far as possible, urban activity is concentrated at ground level, where there are studios and premises for small businesses.

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