Multifuncional Building in Medellin
© Luca Bullaro

Multifuncional Building In Medellin

Luca Bullaro Architettura as Architects

with Carlos Molina

The building defines a corner of Carrera 70, an important commercial arterial road that connects Medellin public and sport complex "Atanasio Girardot" to the main entrance of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

The facade curves in correspondence with the corner and insinuates towards the interior of the block to mark the access to the building.

The ground floor, with a cafeteria and a restaurant, overlooks the city.

The main space, designed for music and dance, develops on the second level where large space and double height are the main characteristic of the floor

On the fourth level are office areas and a cafeteria overlooking to a public terrace, where a fountain and a pergola create a relaxing space with unusual views of the city with its large neighborhood tree tops.

At night the architecture is transformed into an "urban lamp". The parallel lines of the building outline let glimpse the dancing figures and generate bright stripes that illuminate the road and the public urban space.

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