Municipal party hall "De Waai"

Municipal party hall "De Waai"

Cultural Centres
Geel, Belgium - Build completed in 2011
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Municipal party hall - Geel(B)

a2o as Architects

The municipal party hall "De Waai", is located in the heart of Geel, Belgium, and is a part of a cluster of public buildings. Thanks to both its spatial and design integration, the building connects with its environment. a2o-architecten and De Architectengroep designed the party hall around a simple organisational principle with the hall being in the middle of the building,surrounding by secondary functions,such as reception,foyer,toilets and storage. The access route from the street to the party hall follows a meandering route,which ensures that the loud music in the hall is inaudible on the street. The bearing column structure was created in bright white prefab concrete and stands outside the building,giving the façade its character.The row of columns of the exterior façade is a classic rhythmic pattern and serves as both a screen and an opening between the outside and inside.

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