Museum für Comic und Sprachkunst

Museum für Comic und Sprachkunst

Planungsbüro für Baukunst
Schwarzenbach an der Saale, Germany | View Map
Dirk Altenkirch

Welcome to Duckburg

Jung as Manufacturers

Since 2015, small and large fans can visit Mickey, Donald and Co. in Schwarzenbach a. d. Saale. In Germany's first museum for comics and the art of language, a permanent exhibition presents the life and work of the German "mother" of the residents of Duckburg. Erika Fuchs (1906-2005), the translator and chief editor of the German Mickey Mouse magazine, lived in Schwarzenbach in Upper Franconia for around 50 years. The high point of the 600 m² exhibition is the walk-through Duckburg with the money bath in the money bin.

The museum has a central location in Bahnhofstrasse. As the foremost building line, it follows the existing layout of the road. With its full-height, seamless façade projecting backwards, it stands out from the surrounding residential buildings.

The basic idea of the planning office for architecture was to bring together the individual museum sections under one roof while retaining the incorporation of the courtyard typical in this location. The ground floor accessible to the public reaches from the main entrance in the south-western point to the open area to the north-east, and is divided into three room areas. The spatial arrangement in combination with a classically timeless range of materials also enables independent events to take place on the ground floor. In this way, the museum becomes a living location for all.

Visitors can reach the permanent exhibition on the first floor via the main stairs. It is designed in one circuit as an "enfilade". A large window forms a visual connection to Maxplatz, complemented by four cubic dormers with a minimalistic effect. The different angles of the individual roof surfaces give rise to unique interiors which take on the design of the exhibition and orchestrate it. The wall openings and the white plaster façade allow projections and recordings. In contrast to the reserved materialism of the public areas on the ground floor, the exhibition has been designed in a very expressive manner. The museum is equipped with smart technology from JUNG. The intelligent KNX system connects the aspects of convenience, security and energy efficiency. Push-button sensors control lights, blinds and temperature, among other things. The buttons in the classic LS 900 switch in white fit harmoniously into the environment.

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