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Museum, Library and Cultural Center

Museum, Library and Cultural Center

Zhongwei, China | View Map

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Museum, Library and Cultural Center at Zhongwei, Ningxia Autonomous Region, China

Hpa as Architects

The site of this project is located on the southwest side of Zhongwei, Ningxia. Total site area is approximate 8 hectares, with a total GFA of approximate 16,000 square meters. The project aims to establish a cultural architecture that reflects Zhongwei’s special features by integrating the design of the museum, the library and the cultural center with the city’s culture; and to advance and improve the city’s cultural significance, making it a forerunner in cultural development. Taking into consideration the character and environment of Zhongwei and its surrounding neighborhood, contemporary ‘façade skin structure’ techniques have been utilized in the design of the project. External decorative concrete panels of different textures reflect the gray hue of local mountain ranges, while grayish-blue glass panels assimilate the color of the Yellow River, illustrating the image of Zhongwei.

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