Museum of Revolution of Dignity

Museum of Revolution of Dignity

Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley, Kyiv, Ukraine | View Map
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Museum of Revolution of Dignity

AER as Architects

Proposal features Revolution of Dignity Museum as two typologically different volumes: Museum building and a multifunctional tower - the House of Freedom. These two volumes become one structure in the underground level.

Museum is a sharp white aluminum block hovering over the black touchstone base. The tower on the other hand is a bright translucent slender pillar that stands next to it.

The concept for museum is a metal volume that rises from the ashes - a symbolic representation of the civil society emerging from fire of the Revolution. The House of Freedom, on the other hand, becomes a place to see Maidan and government quarters from above.

The new buildings, their volume, mass, silhouette, as well as their position along the Alley of Heavenly Hundred respects the existing urban fabric. The compact block of the Museum is aligned with the corner of the ICCA building. Horizontal gap between the lower dark and the upper light volumes corresponds to the cornice of the ICCA. The Tower, in turn, is aligned with the street front line of the Instytutska St.

This volume arrangement of these two buildings create two plazas. The one between the Museum and the Tower, we call a Museum Plaza. The green cour d’honneur shaped by the Museum and the adjacent ICCA building is called a Garden. These both open spaces are visually connected through the transparent hall of the Museum.

Visitor entering the Museum finds himself in a wast four-storied foyer. On the left side, facing the Alley of the Heavenly Hundred there is a group of premises intended for the museum visitors. On the right - a multipurpose auditorium.

The exhibition spaces are located on the second, first and two underground floors. Halls on the second floor are illuminated by daylight. First floor has combined daylight and artificial illumination. Two subterranean floors have completely artificial illumination. The Children’s Museum is an exception. Located on the -1 floor under the Museum Square it has daylight illumination from the skylight built in surface of the square.

Third floor combines the skylights for the exhibition halls and the administration offices. Research center is on the first floor. Maintenance and storage premises are located on three underground floors. Collection loading areas are on the -2 floor. Storages are on the -3 floor. Maintenance and restoration premises are under the Museum Square on the -1floor. They share the skylight with the Children’s museum. There is a visual connection between exhibition spaces and restoration room. Underground parking for 53 vehicles is on the -3 level.

The entire administrative range of premises belonging to the program of The House of Freedom is within the proposed tower.

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Hilton Molino Stucky
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