Musical Café Elling

Musical Café Elling



Musical Café Elling

COEN! as Architects

How can you create an attractive master plan for the Dutch Broadcasting Music Centre (MCO)? How to create more functions, audience and revenues?

COEN! did this by designing a new grand café and making the central hall multifunctional. Musical history with delicious cuisine joined together in a cosy grand café: ‘Muziekcafé Elling’.

The Broadcasting Music Centre has a long history. Started as broadcast location, then served for rehearsal rooms, music recordings and performances. And it was also home to the first radio studio in the Netherlands. Performers like Bernard Haitink, Liesbeth List, Jaap van Zweden, Eric Dolphie and the Sky Masters used this building. So for decades it’s an environment where music surrounds you.

After financial cuts, the disappearance of complete orchestras and the musical library, changes had to be made in the function and use of the building. But also something magical happened. Within the new reality of the recent cultural landscape, you can now go there for rehearsals , concerts and recordings , children get their first music lessons, and a whole lot of new events take place, all covered with a musical glow.

The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, the Radio Choir and the Metropole Orchestra weekly rehearse in the Broadcasting Music Centre for concerts they give all over the world . The integrated music school creates new energy. And that’s only the beginning. In the near future this place is a vibrant cultural centre. With this transformation includes a full operating catering facility. The former library is now transformed into the new grand café: Muziekcafé Elling: the first visible result of the winds of change.

‘After having good experiences with COEN!, we decided once again to cooperate with his design team to design this project.’ Says Rogier Hageman, operations manager of the MCO . ‘Recently we opened with great pride this Muziekcafé Elling . The grand café is designed by COEN! Coen van Ham and his team gave us dedication, practical insight and good taste to make a beautiful grand café.’

The design matches with the existing environment. COEN! designs with respect for the building's architect Piet Elling. Sober lines, simplicity in form and material. Together with a bright colour palette that creates unity. The sparkling lamps and the black ceiling give the room atmosphere and intimacy. With transparent curtains a subtle border appears between the café and the corridor. The bar is a connecting element between the grand hallway and the café. It invites you for a visit.

The shimmering colourful glass artwork by Joop van den Broek in the back finally gets the attention it deserves. Before this dynamic piece of art a lounge area is created. Cosy seats carried by a theatrical red carpet. Firm white frames with black and white images from the rich past of the building make this human history visible.

Maybe you see magazine holder FOLDR, a design from Coen van Ham for the Van Esch Collection. In passing to the concert hall, visitors can take a look at the coming musical program and other information. COEN! completes the interior design with a matching logo for muziekcafé Elling.

The client ends: ‘The personal approach of Coen van Ham helps you through the design process step by step. And COEN! supervised the entire building process. So now we can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a fresh beer in our grand café.’

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