National sports centre in Prostějov

National sports centre in Prostějov

ZaVelodromem 7, 796 01 Prostějov, Czech Republic
Project Year
Sports Centres
Lukáš Pelech
Product Spec Sheet
RoleBrandsProducts Used
Aluminium curtain wallsSCHÜCOSchüco FW 50+ SG : Structural glazing
Pendant lightsMuutoUNFOLD – pendant lamp
Acoustic ceilings in sport hall – Heradesign superfineKnauf AMF
Black metal facade cladding – Dekprofile TR35DEKMETAL
Sport flooring in multifunctional room – Taraflex collectionGerflor
Tribune seats – type MünchenKovostal

National sports centre in Prostějov

Atelier-r as Architects

The sports centre is located on the north-west outskirts of Prostějov on the site of an old, unused swimming pool. A new road and pedestrian network were also a part of the construction. The task of the project was to create space for sports such as volleyball and basketball for young people which could also be used for international junior tournaments. The sports area was designed to include one main court lengthwise for tournaments as well as two practice courts. Tournaments may be watched by more than 300 spectators from the stands.


The construction is based on a simple block which is cut out on the south and west sides. Both facades recede against the edge of the roof so they form a bevelled overhang which protects both main facades from the rain. These surfaces are the most exposed for visitors so they are made of a shiny silver lattice made of small grating. Contrasting with the noble shiny areas there are facades on the main block on the west and north parts made of trapezoid sheets with matt black finishes. The southwest corner of the hall is glass fronted to its full length. Behind the glass there is a main area for the public and administration of the hall. The courts and the stands are located away from the glass facade and are lit through internal glass in the offices and roof skylights.


In the spacious entrance hall, there is a reception, snack bar and relaxation area followed by public toilets, facilities for employees and the entrance to a zone for participants which includes changing rooms, showers and toilets. Changing rooms for referees and a room for sport masseurs are also located here. All the premises are placed under the spectator stands. The entrance to the second floor was designed from the entrance lobby via a staircase or a lift. This way visitors can also enter the grandstand and a private zone with management offices, a press conference room and a small group exercise room. This part also contains a VIP area with its own bar, toilets and a grandstand in the south part of the court.  

Material used :

1. DEKMETAL, s.r.o. – black metal facade cladding – Dekprofile TR35

2. PERFO LINEA – silver expanded metal facade cladding – 200/70mm

3. Schüco – aluminium curtain walls – Schüco FW 50+SG system

4. Samsung – circular air conditioners – Samsung 360 Cassette

5. Kovostal, spol.s r.o. – tribune seats – type München

6. Muuto – pendant lights – type Unfold

7. Mondo – wooden sport flooring – Mondoelastic

8. Gerflor – sport flooring in multifunctional room – Taraflex collection

9. Pesmenpol – sport equipment (basketball baskets, volejball nets, dividing curtain, etc.)

10. Grapo - plastic inscriptions on facades and on interior walls

11. Rigips - acoustic ceilings in the foyer and in administrative – Gyptone collection

12. AMF / Knauf AMF - acoustic ceilings in sport hall – Heradesign superfine

Project team
Main contractor
Circular air conditioners – Samsung 360 Cassette
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