Natural science museum in Berlin

Natural science museum in Berlin

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natural science museum

Deraya designs as Architects

The knowledge of the past is the key to our future , it enhance the way we know ourselves , our life , our experiences , a good building is a building that can corporate with all the knowledge states , our sustainable life cycle is aiming for a futuristic development that is raising by the human beings a key to a better life Throughout the design process it’s affected by many influences were a building undergoes , and have to respond with , in order to design effectively as a sort of integration between the architecture and the built community where it plays a key role in the enlightenment of the humanity , the power of knowledge to know how and to interact , and react , a full continuous dynamic state ,

Design process : passing by many influences A- power of place : as the site happens to be in a very unique place node in berlin , Considering the site influences affecting on the building by the surroundings building , main roads , main accessible points , as a very constrained site , guide lines were drawn connecting the building module with it through out main processes - Integrating the building with the surrounding , connecting locations , redefining the museum as a new node B- power of knowledge : due natural study of living organisms and the continuous evolutionary behavior a time line scenario was made clarifying how the evolution happened and what it leaded to . Dividing the museum into 3 tours : Tour 1 Explaining the evolution history from the beginning of earth till nowadays Earth hall : the first hall was made of a closed space inside a hologram showing how the earth was formed and how the life began in its oceans

Fishes hall : second hall showing the different types of fishes and aqua marine life

Whales hall : the third hall in the tour with it’s looping ramp showing the whales diving

Reptiles : fourth hall shows the reptiles evolution Mammals : fifth hall show s the evolution of mammals concluding some extinct animals as mammoth and sabertooth Dino hall : concluding dinosaurs skeletons and models like t-rex and other types

Human evolution : the last hall in the evolution tour showing the evolution of the human beings Tour 2 : New science halls : in this tour it contains the new science halls and it’s different laps and workshops , physics , astronomy , and other sciences Future hall : at the end of the tour where u can watch a panoramic view for berlin and the future of humanity Tour 3 : Where you enter directly from the entrance lobby to the middle of the museum in which you can watch the lake of life surrounded by different types of animals symbolizing our being while you can watch the hall of the extinct dinosaurs

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