Nature Connectedness in the Carpet Industry

Nature Connectedness in the Carpet Industry

Sydney, Argentina

Nature Connectedness in the Carpet Industry

Paul's Carpet Cleaning as Contractors

Beautiful interior design can make any space comfortable, desirable, open and functional. In 2016 from rustic elements to rich wood themes and vertical gardens, 'nature connectedness' is everywhere in our homes, cafes and commercial properties.

But What is Nature Connectedness? Is is often described as the extend to which an individual includes nature as the part of his identity and commonly refers to how integrated he feels with nature and his commitment to protect the environment. According to recent scientific research on nature connectedness, our contact with nature can lead to improved health, mood and cognition.Introducing nature as a part of your dwelling is a bold, but beautiful way to decorate. And also as it turns out, a healthy one too.

Nature Connectedness in the Carpet Industry Carpets, just like other aspects of the interior design and furniture industry, are getting with the program and becoming enchantingly nature-like. Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglu creates these stunning rugs out of wool carpet scraps and they magically come alive in our homes, looking like magnificent forests. More complicated and larger pieces can take up to two months for Alexandra to make. All of Alexandra's creations are handmade and resemble and were inspired by the beautiful scenery in her native Argentina.

What, our entire team at Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney loved most about these carpets is that they seem to have a veriety of layers and different textures. Her carpets instantly grab the attention and take you someplace else. The different shades of green and brown are natural tranquilizers. Research suggests soft earth tones predispose people to talk, share and improve their communication. Even though, these carpets look fairly complicated and most certainly are, they are not difficult to clean. As they are made from natural wool fibers, you can use lukewarm water, dishwashing soap, vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar will prevent the colours from running so you can enjoy their magnificent patterns for longer.

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