Neo - The Lab of the Future

Neo - The Lab of the Future

Huddinge, Sweden
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Jason Strong

Neo - The Lab of the Future

LINK arkitektur as Interior Architects

Framtidens Laboratorium attracts researchers from all over the world to conduct cutting-edge research in fields such as life sciences, medicine and haematology. The aim of the SciLife project is to stimulate the exchange between healthcare, education and research. LINK arkitektur is the interior architect behind the modern university and research facilities.

Framtidens Laboratorium is located next to the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, south of Stockholm city. The project comprises the new research building, Neo, and the conversion of seven floors of the adjacent ANA Futura, on Alfred Nobels Allé 8. The project is aimed at strengthening cooperation and knowledge exchanges between research, healthcare and education, with the new research and educational facilities directly linked to the adjacent hospital.

Neo reflects a distinct concept that is thoroughly fulfilled: a dramaturgy, an experience in movement. Arrival in the dark colourful entrance hall inspires a feeling of wonderment: what is there around the corner? Once in the atrium, the entire laboratory reveals itself. The illuminated walls and decor of the glass partitions of the laboratories induce a sensation of being in a cold and frosty landscape. Glimpses can be caught of the large organically designed auditoriums in the corners of the room. The public floor and auditoriums resemble the earth’s interior, with dark muddy tones. Higher up, the future is rendered in sharp blue-green tones.

The project challenges ideas of traditional laboratory environments and several of the laboratories open out to adjoining corridors so as to be conducive to spontaneous meetings. One of the challenges has been to find flexible solutions for highly specified requirements, which LINK arkitektur has fulfilled on many levels, from interior laboratory designs with plug & play functionality to multifunctional rooms. A high degree of flexibility and commonality was thus achieved, which supports the collaboration that various operations seek to establish. 

LINK arkitektur has designed fixed and detachable fittings, created sign and lamination software, and facility management applications, and implemented purchases to ensure that the programming matches the needs of users.

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