New Business Center At The Euroairport Of Bâle/Mulhouse

New Business Center At The Euroairport Of Bâle/Mulhouse

Serero Architects
Mulhouse, Switzerland

New Business Center At The Euroairport Of Bâle/Mulhouse

Serero Architects as Architects


How could one create a space for rest and work in the middle of a busy international airport? Serero Architects have created a sleek and functional business center at the Airport of Bale/Mulhouse in Switzerland by hanging a deck to the astonishing steel branches of the terminal.

Ten work and reception halls integrating videoconferencing abilities and interactive presentation pads have been organized on the length of the platform. This new center reinforce the strategic positioning of this airport, precisely located at the border between France and Switzerland by allowing physical meetings in transit zones, interactive ones with remote users using VC Technology.

“The challenge of the project, explains the architect David Serero, was to integrate this new platform to the complex geometry of the airport structure, keeping the natural lighting and transparency of the existing airport atrium. Our project uses a light and high performance structure to keep the platform height as thin as possible and respecting the sismical regulations of this particular site.”

The BC platform is placed in the terminal by following the logic of reciprocal setbacks of the airport slabs on the atrium. The access has been staged by a long suspended bridge that crosses the airport atrium from the existing vertical circulations cores. A peripheral access balcony, opened to the atrium, gives access to each meeting space. In order to avoid normalize work environment, the architects have designed and furnished each space in a singular manner by changing their floor area size and form. The underside of the slab is covered by a polished stainless steel ceiling, reflecting natural light as well as the airplanes on the airport runways behind.

TRANSPARENCY/ LIGHTING The partitioning of the Business Center is treated in different types of glass: transparent glass, sandblasted glass, colored glass and liquid crystal glass in function of the light and intimacy level required by users. It is therefore a full transparent volume that diffracts light to the airport’s main atrium. The BC is both visible from the airport main floor and in setback from the intensive flux of the airport. The level of activity, or the event type is transmitted trough a lighting device constituted by thin light strips of tri-color LEDs. The level of lighting, as well as the color of each of these strip is electronically controlled and will change depending on specific event, its activity level, or the business of its rooms.

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