New Cable Car Stations in Montjuïc Park

New Cable Car Stations in Montjuïc Park

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Jordi Tost, Tak

New Cable Car Stations in Montjuïc Park

Simón García | arqfoto as Association

Cims de Montjuïc (Montjuïc Heights) is a project and an overall concept at the upper part of the mountain, promoting Montjuïc as the central park of Barcelona and connecting the mountain’s heights with the city in several action lines. The renewal of the cable car is part of the actions taken to redefine and narrow vehicle mobility, enhancing the accessibility by public transport.

The old Montjuïc cable car has been replaced by a modern and upgraded one integrated into the public transport system of the upper part of the mountain. These new stations, with an open-ended look and integrated into the park, were inspired by the masterplan concept using materials already present in the different sites, such as bare and printed concrete, wood and galvanised steel.

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