New headquarter for a concrete plant

New headquarter for a concrete plant

Bolles + Wilson
Erwitte, Germany

New headquarter for a concrete plant

Bolles + Wilson as Architects

Competition 2011, 1st Prize Prize-winning design ‚The International Architecture Awards 2012’

BUILDING The existing vertical cement silo is complimented by a new horizontal administration deck. The deck hovers, cantilevering dramatically over green fields (entrance side) and also symmetrically out over a renaturalised cement quarry (wildlife protection zone). Ground level meeting rooms + entrance lobby are discretely set back – embedded in an existing line of trees. A single level, glass screened cellular office organisation frames the company’s philosophy of transparency and teamwork.

ITERATIVE DESIGN PROCESS At the stage of the competition 1st prize the 12m cantilevering beams were internal (everyday encounters with large format concrete members). Inspired by their representative potential the client subsequently requested a conclusive design with external beams. The beams themselves were designed with an advanced iterative parametric optimising programme.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY The ‘passive’ energy concept required an efficient building envelope with very low u-values; natural ventilation for intermediate seasons (with additive mechanical ventilation regaining the heat of extracted air); a ground water heat pump combined with thermal mass activation (also used for cooling).

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