New Taipei City Museum of Art

New Taipei City Museum of Art

Kubota & Bachmann Architects
Taipei, Taiwan
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New Taipei City Museum of Art

Kubota & Bachmann Architects as Architects

The New Taipei City Museum of Art (NTCArt) is located in the south of Taipei city, in between the mountains and Dahan River. The museum minimizes its footprint on the original site in being designed vertical, thus creating an urban totem.

The NTCArt is a vertical museum. The different floors offer views of the surroundings at different levels: (lobby of the children’s museum of art, hall of fame, outdoor/semi-outdoor exhibition space, exhibit resting areas and restaurants) all face the landscape and offers new perspectives frame (urban window) of the Island of Taipei.

The entrance lobby of the NTCArt is taken after a landscape that invites the visitor to access the different parts of the museum. Each part of the museum has an independent access from the lobby. A restaurant, a gift shop, and a bookstore surround the lobby. Furthermore, this passage allows the garden to continue and connects the Ceramic Art Plaza and the Art Workshop. So, the passage is an urban gate between the Ceramic Art Plaza, the Art Workshop and the NTCArt.

The NTCArt is a place where several types of museums are combined and meet. A special exhibit spaces, permanent exhibit spaces, children’s Museum of Art and outdoor / semi-outdoor exhibit spaces and education facilities etc.. This multitude of museums is reflected in the different boxes and covers, which have different layers such as vegetation and outdoor/ semi-outdoor terraces.

All boxes differ in size and height to accommodate the diverse artworks and expositions, just like a curio box. Each object has a place in a larger box, carefully and gently stored. The boxes contain pleasure/delight, mystery, and curiosity.

The NTCArt is a giant curio box of Taipei city and contemporary art.

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