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New World Center

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New World Center

DiMarzio | Kato Architecture as Architects

New World Center is a 54-story headquarters office tower in the New CBD area of Shenzhen, China. It is located on a prominent site adjacent to City Hall and the cultural corridor. The design for the tower is intended to fit into these surroundings while becoming a point of difference from the other current and future City Center commercial buildings. In order to achieve this, thoughtful site planning and timeless design lead the project goals. The design responds to this challenge by providing a tower that is set back from the street providing a serene garden entry and by zoning the site to create separation between cars and pedestrians and finally by creating a striking but calm sculptural tower.

The lobby has a different character depending on your arrival point. From the north, the car drop off is given the formal treatment of a moon gate entrance infilled with glass that allows views across the lobby to the water garden. From the west, the pedestrian passes over a ceremonial bridge that traverses the vast reflecting pool. From the east, this principle entry is given prominence over the others. An entry pavilion made of ‘fish scaled’ glass panels beckons people to enter the building and to climb the five-floor ramped stair connecting the podium levels and affording views over the city center. The entry pavilion is scaled to the lower government and cultural buildings. Fully glazed elevators serving the parking and podium levels as well as multilevel bridges animate the interior of the atrium.

The slight 12 degree angle of the tower side walls transforms a ‘box-like’ shape into a powerful form. It also maximizes the south facing perimeter wall viewing over the Central Zone’s greenbelt axis. Two features of the upper floors include a ‘sail-like’ glass panel, which is tilted toward the east and an atrium office on the top floor.

The exterior articulation of the building is characterized by a strong, stone clad ‘backbone’ on the north and a diaphanous glass ‘prism’ facing south. The transparent south wall makes the building appear light and open toward the City Center, while the punched openings in the stone clad north wall presents a timeless solidity to the rest of the city. The glass exterior wall consists of a compositional pattern of horizontal and vertical mullions with low reflective vision glass and ceramic frit patterned spandrel glass. An ever-changing complexity of pattern will be seen in the glass façade with the mullion pattern laid against the structural grid and the interior spaces beyond. This, along with the varied weather conditions of the region will create a constant dynamic play of light and shade. These layered complexities allow the tower form to remain simple, elegant and efficient and of subtle form and color, while presenting a dramatic punctuation on the Shenzhen skyline.

Material Used:

1. Shenzhen Fangda Building Technology Co. – Custom exterior wall panels

2. China Southern Glass, Shenzhen, China – Exterior wall glazing

3. Best Cheer Stone, Shenzhen, China – Exterior and lobby stone

4. Tristone and Tile, Los Angeles, CA – Lobby stone

5. Shindler Elevators, Shanghai, China

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