New York Burger Moraleja Green
Fernando Alda

New York Burger Moraleja Green

Proyecto Singular as Architects

The new proposal of New York Burger renews the interior design of the brand in its new premises located in the Commercial Center of the Moraleja Green. From the hand of Proyecto Singular, interpreting a concept emerged from the three pillars of the brand: Brass, Wood and Smoke, the design of the space suggests a container of essences product of craftsmanship, with the grill as protagonist and where a good touch is added of sophistication.

The craftsmanship transmits a variety of chromatic ranges based on reddish colors and cauldrons. The intentional textures can be seen in manual and warm materials such as natural fibers, flooring and terracotta tiles or natural stones. The grill is the driving axis of the gastronomic offer and is presented with all its strength and warmth. Located in the center of the premises and shown from the entrance, the grill and fire are protagonists and move into space through a hanging wheat installation in ocher and gold colors.

The sophistication moves us to a more modern New York, industrial by areas: leaving the raw structure and interview facilities. At the same time the care for detail and a play of light based on the contrast between neons and refined luminaires balances the space to create a unitary set. The warmth is provided by the furniture whose intention is to give maximum comfort to visitors.

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