NGG – Natürlich Gemeinsam in Gänserndorf

NGG – Natürlich Gemeinsam in Gänserndorf

Illichmann Architecture
Hochwaldstraße 41, 2230 Gänserndorf-Süd, Lower Austria, Austria
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Kurt Kuball

NGG – Natürlich Gemeinsam in Gänserndorf

Illichmann Architecture as Architects

The project "NGG-Natürlich Gemeinsam in Gänserndorf"is a multiused dwelling project giving adults with special needs inclusive living- and daycare structure.

It is based in Gänserndorf, lower Austria and located within an existing infrastructure focusing on biological agriculture and inclusive work- and therapy projects. Due to the size of the building site and the accessibility the decision for a single storey building was set at the beginning of the designing process and resulted in a horizontal expansion of the three buildings.

For ecological and climatically reasons the project was entirely made out of a wooden construction which additionally resulted in a rather short construction time from April 2018 to February 2019. The project includes a housing building with bedrooms, smaller sitting rooms and is surrounded by a relatively spacious outdoor area housing therapy Lamas. The H- shape of the daycare building is a result of the inside organization of five different function groups.

It includes a commercial kitchen, dining-/ multifunctional room for 120 persons, offices, a special daycare room, a therapy room and side rooms. To complete the ensemble the trainee building was situated next to the daycare building framing the meadow between them and creating a central outdoor place.

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