Northstar Changsha Delta Project Exhibition Hall

Northstar Changsha Delta Project Exhibition Hall

AZL architects
Changsha, China
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Yao Li

Northstar Changsha Delta Project Exhibition Hall

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The Northstar Changsha Delta project lies on a site of one square kilometer, with a large-scale urban development project occupying more than five million square meters of construction. Located in east of the Xiangjiang River and south of the Liuyanghe River, the project will transform the landscape and shape the future development of north Changsha. Exhibition Hall is the first built project of Northstar’s ambitious plan, Presenting its contributes to the social and economic development of the region; recoding its implementation process while fulfilling the programmatic business and sales objectives of the development.

The form of the Exhibition Hall comes from two tilted cubes, providing diverging vertical and horizontal spacial experiences. The layout and site are codependent, with the Exhibition Hall at its base leading to the Xiangjiang River. Such a geometric relationship between the forms and the expansive riverfront connote the region's ever improving quality of life.

The Exhibition Hall faces mainly to the rapidly developing west bank of the Xiangjiang River. Western sun shading in hot summer and LED media wall to city come out in direct contradiction with the fundamental idea of creating waterfront view to river, which were solved by the use of acrylic in the elevation. Oblique acrylic panels did not affect line of sight, could be used for shading, and could house LED lights. The other three facades employ Corten steel to create volumes, supporting western orientation translucently.

Geometric contrasts between the oblique internal space and orthogonal external volumes shape the user's experience. Translucent surfaces against weathered steel further reinforce the contrast in vocabularies.

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