Nouvel Booth at ZonaMaco 2016

Nouvel Booth at ZonaMaco 2016

Pentágono Estudio
Centro Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico
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KikaEstudio / Rodrigo Chapa

Nouvel Booth at ZonaMaco 2016

Pentágono Estudio as Designers

Orgánica Perpetua Nouvel Studio is an artistic workshop dedicated to experimentation and development in glass. While constantly collaborating with elite designers and craftsmen, they alternate between manual techniques and automatic production processes to overpass the incredible limits of the material.

For the latest edition of ZonaMaco, Nouvel Studio presented two artists: Ignacio Cadena with his crystal organisms inspired by the microscopic structures of the plants that comprise the aromatic botanicals catalog of the Americas; and Jan Hendrix with his well known ornamental cylinders inspired by botanical landscapes.

After discussing the importance that the pieces should have during the exhibition and simultaneously following the space limitations at the show, PentágonoEstudio decided to design a neat museographic showcase playing with transparency, light and reflections. The installation simulated a greater scale through an infinity back mirror plus it offered storage space hidden inside the display cabinets.

The project under the name “Orgánica Perpetua”also involved designing the print materials and a video production to present both art works.

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City of Westminster College
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