Nursery in Sequals

Furlan&Pierini Architetti as Architects

The name derives Sequals according to some scholars to "sub colles" that is at the foot of the hills , others from "septem colles". The main fraction, Lestans , is about 5 km from the capital. The hills that rise between the arch rolling foothills and the plains are taken as a reference design: the section of the building from east to west is marked by a series of pitched roofs with different size and inclination (and reference memory of the skyline of the surrounding mountains) that vary depending on the environments, characterizing spatially. The construction of the prospects for extrusion of portions of the walls and the rear position of the window relative to the wire thickness to give the building openings that are transformed into real telescopes open to the surrounding landscape. The choice to characterize the color-only floors and ceilings at the disposal of the teaching that all the walls, like the film in a movie, recount the daily activities of children, through drawings, words and teaching jobs.

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