nusulia house

nusulia house

NdH Architect
Bekasi, Indonesia
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Nusulia house

NdH Architect as Architects

Architect : NdH 

Location : Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia

Design  : Noval hanan riri, haribowo, Faturrozi, Ryo Untung

Land area : 780 sqm

Constructed area : 240 sqm Construction year : 2011

Photographs : Vad Antana

from architect, Nusulia house is a tropical resort-style homes and simple. Facade not particularly stand out with their surroundings, it is intended to avoid the social inequalities in the environment. And this is the soul of the homeowner with a low profile lifestyle will love the natural feel.

Located in the sub urban area of Jakarta, the home is designed for young middle-class families with young parents and three daughters. Architects try to create a 'place' is more than just 'space' to live with a certain direction that is substantially integrated with the feeling of enjoying a 'spirit house'. It is inspired from the empirical experience of clients, While I was enjoying the holiday with family. Architects include elements of the sequence into an idea of thematic design ideas "such as a vacation home alone every day"

the concept

Adaptatif micro environment, the application of adaptive design is applied in the saddle as a pyramid roof and a responsive dialogue with the environment around the site. 2. Application of the residential resort concept is more emphasis on building the imaging element tropist a simple and natural, with the preparation of spatial organization, circulation, lighting for the convenience of customized characters, thereby creating an exciting experience that animates the space for the occupants.

Interior design is focused on the living room and dining room. This room is the heart of a family activity center with public spaces that have a visual separation so as to provide more privacy in the rediscovery of a different intuition, sustainable and inspiring.

Facade aesthetic buildings have a variety of materials. This method is done as part of the exploration of materials in a dialogue and find a new language for imaging the natural feel of the resort on the site. The use of natural stone and sandstone walls yogya kamprot offset smooth solid wood double door panels, is expected to complement each other in order to strengthen the transformation and integration into the site.

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