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The Obvious started off as any other project, the client approached to brief about their third workspace as they grew in a bigger team. Being designers with a set of principles and unique sense of choice made them play a major role in developing the design from the very start. Further discussions led to the concept driven by minimalism and the soft colour palette which fixated the scheme to be only white, grey, texture of birch ply and a little green.

The existing site had low ceiling hence an aisle was designed opening up to the glazed façades which illumined the whole office with natural light, making the space comfortable. Unlike other offices in Bangalore, our client believed in openness thus they opted to work on a floor plate of 6500 sq. ft; double the room required for 25 people.

Starting with Community zone, the entrance is designed with mere thought to provide privacy as well as giving a blur insight to the office which encouraged the use of wide fluted glass. Be it the shimmering shadows of people crossing by or the sunlight filtering through the translucent screen, the material creates a unique experience.

The workshop space is purposely designed for hands-on; for the team to interact and create better. Whilst supporting the local artists, an original Ring sofa designed by Sandeep Sangaru and minimalist furniture from Spin was brought. On the other side of the workshop is the dining area divided by second layer of fluted glass acting as a backdrop. The space is designed well for 40 people to have a meal on one day or to have a workshop sort of setup on the other.

The transition zone includes an interactive workspace designed with sliding folding system which has white boards installed. The conference room is kept at the entrance to present the glimpse of the work context and office culture.

The deep work zone is where the group crafts their work and motives; A workspace with a long table for the engineers and one with high planter boxes for the designers, parted by the fluted glass partition. The requirement

While the whole office is white, the washrooms are all black and represent a complementing vibe of a dark zone, an intimate and lit space to relax while all you can focus on is yourself.

Most relaxing feature is that the office has balconies all around, the front side balconies are flushed with green whereas the rear balconies functions as utility areas. One can stroll around or attend a phone call while being surrounded by strings of green. The balconies are a buffer zone with a  soothing filter; refining one’s vision while looking over the polluted city.

The plan is flooded with natural light which enhanced the idea of minimalism. Even the grey cement epoxy goes well with the concept whereas adding green complemented the palette and completed the picture as a whole.

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